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Technology Center Director

Optical module development senior engineer
1) Bachelor degree or above, electronic communication or optical major related
2) More than 3 years experience in optical transceiver modules or optical communication products hardware and software development
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for 40/100G optical module development.

·R & D Engineer Director
1) Electronic information, circuits and systems, communication and information system, signal and information processing, control and other related major master graduates 2) solid analog and digital circuit, the high frequency electronic circuit, communication principle theory basis
3) master Protel or Altium or Cadence circuit design tool
4) master optoelectronics, optical fiber communication and related professional knowledge is preferred

·Optical Fiber Line Engineer
1) Electronic information, communication, computer and other related major graduate, master degree or above;
2) 2 years or above video optical transmission or digital related product development experience, the soft and hardware design experience;
Job responsibilities:
Engaged in optoelectronic system products (such as video codec, video optical transmission monitoring equipment or digital terminal) development.

·10G Module Project Manager
Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years experience in 10G speed of the optical module development, proficient in high-speed circuit design.
Job responsibilities:
10G below optical module product customization development and product maintenance, customer solution.

Module Assistant Engineer 
Bachelor degree or above, more than 1 years experience in electronic communication products, hardware circuit design, familiar with test instrument optical oscilloscope and Bert utility.
Job Responsibilities:
The optical module product development testing, validation and secondary development

·Equipment System PE Engineer 
1) Bachelor degree or above, electronic communication major or related engineering background;
2) 3 years of optical communication equipment or equipment products production technical support work experience, familiar with the system class product machine debugging process, assembly process control, have a certain production management knowledge or experience, a general circuit technology or the upper software basic debugging.
Job responsibilities:
Support system software and hardware products debugging and production technology.

·Domestic Sales Director
1) Male or female, bachelor degree or above, electronic communications professional background, more than 5 years sales experience in communication or IT industry, with technical background;
2) Good at customer relationship management, teamwork, channel business management, able to work under pressure to the market index, sensitive to the market
3) Honest, positive,strong communication skills, team management ability,responsibility.
Job responsibilities:
1) Lead the team to expand the busines and develop new markets;
2) Key customers service;
3)Business management and index management and assessment.

·International Sales Regional Manager
1) Bachelor degree or above, communications, optics, physics and marketing, English and other related major;
2) Good English ability, fluent oral English
3) International sales experience in communication electronic products more than 1 years, light communication industry experience is preferred;
4) Good negotiation skills and strong communication skills, capable of developing customer;
5) Presentable, character cheerful, quick thinking;
6) Honest and trustworthy, team spirit and strong resistance;
7)Can adapt to domestic and overseas traveling.
Job responsibilities:
1) Responsible for market development, customer visits, business negotiations;
2) Responsible for receiving orders, sample information, sending samples;
3) Responsible for customer relationship management,payment follow-up;
4) Be responsible for market research, to participate in major products exhibition;
5) Responsible for the collection of market information with the industry, keeping track of the market development trends;
6) Responsible for customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaint handling;

 Comercial Assistant
1) College degree or above, international sales assistant work experience more than 1 year, familiar with the process of foreign trade
2) Excellent English communication skills and communicate with foreign client freely 4 proficient in office software 5 practical, hard-working
Job Responsibility:
1) Collect and file all sales ducuments
2) Deal with customer return, RMA and repaired products
3) Assist receiving customer for sales
4) Analyse and report sales data monthly and quarterly
5) Reconciliation and Recognition for sales shipment with financial department
6) Handle relevant business when sales ask for leave
7) Communicate and co-work with business assistant
8)Other work given by supervisor

·Pre-Sale Customer Manager
1) Bachelor degree or above, electronic communications industry background, fluent English
2) More than 5 years working experience in optical communication industry, more than 2 years marketing or communications industry market solutions pre-sales customer engineer working experience
1) Technical proposal, bid preparation, marketing product or technology scheme demonstration
2) Introduction of the demand of customer or market product , write the solution
3) Market research, new product or new business opportunities
4) Cooperate with the exchange of business or technical exchange activities
5) Connection from the market to the sales business process

·South American Regional Manager
1) Bachelor degree or above, majoring in optical or communication engineering background, German personnel. An MBA would be a plus
2) More than 5 years of optical communication products pioneering technical services work experience, familiar with the target customers and target market of optical active devices and passive
3) Collaborative sales department to formulate sales target of the market, customer visits planned and market expansion plan
4)Strong organizational, time and territory management skills.