XGPON &XePON solutions

In recent years, light entering copper and extending fiber to the user side have become the development trend of the access layer, and PON technology has become the best choice of FTTx by saving the backbone fiber, green environmental protection and easy management and maintenance, such as passive, point to multipoint and so on. At present, the widely deployed EPON and GPON technology can provide access bandwidth from 1G to 2.5Gbps, but with the rapid development of video and other high bandwidth services, higher requirements for access bandwidth are put forward. With the release of 10G EPON standard in 2009, more and more chip manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have begun to provide chips and devices for the next generation of PON. Some operators have also started the next generation of PON commercial Experiment Bureau, and the next generation of PON is getting closer and closer to us.

The current generic next-generation PON technology actually covers IEEE 10G EPON and ITU-T NG PON1 (XG PON1 and XG PON2) and NG PON2. As a leading manufacturer in the PON field, Sinovo Telecom  has carried out in-depth research and practice in the next generation of PON fields. Since NG PON has not yet formally published international standards, especially NG PON2, ITU-T organization is defined as a very long period of study, and 10G EPON standards have been released in 2009, XG PON1 standards have It may be released in 2010-2011, so this article mainly introduces the next generation PON solution based on 10G EPON and XG PON.

Sinovo Telecom   10G EPON overall solution

The 10G EPON solution is characterized by its compatibility with the existing EPON network and its smooth evolution, which maximizes the protection of operators'investment. The 10G EPON smooth evolution solution is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1  Sinovo Telecom  smooth upgrade solution

The 10G EPON smooth evolution solution has the following characteristics:

Unified OLT platform without replacing existing EPON OLT devices.

If upgrade to 10G EPON, no need to replace the existing OLT equipment, backboard, main control board, power board and board no need to change, just insert a 10G EPON line card, software upgrade to achieve the support of 10G EPON.

Rich ONU/ONT shape, suitable for various FTTx application scenarios.

Sinovo Telecom  has launched 10G EPON based ONT (FTTH) and MDU (FTTB/C) products. The 10G EPON MDU device only needs to replace the original EPON board and upgrade the software to provide the 10G EPON access, the copper cable line and the user terminal modem and other devices are not required to change.

Do not change the existing EPON ODN deployment to avoid complex engineering construction.

Since the 10G EPON standard is fully compatible with the EPON ODN network, the original EPON ODN network and equipment can continue to be used. For operators, it is not necessary to upgrade ODN and rewiring to upgrade the network, save manpower and financial input, and ensure the sustainability of the original network planning.

Support EPON and 10G EPON coexist, operators to achieve flexible deployment of the network.

As the standard of 10G EPON adopts the wavelengths of 1270nm and 1577nm respectively, and the 1310nm and 1490nm wavelengths of EPON are separated by different wavelengths in the downlink direction, the double rate and burst mode multiplexing is realized by the TDMA time division multiplexing, so 10GEPON ONU and EPON ONU can coexist under the same mouth. In this way, the operators can gradually upgrade from EPON ONU to 10G EPON ONU according to the customer's different bandwidth requirements, which can ensure the continuity of the business and deploy flexibly on demand.

The high bandwidth of the uplink and downlink 10Gbps brought by 10G EPON enables the high spectral ratio to be realized.

1:128 and 1:256's large beam splitter is used in the 10G EPON commercial Experimental Bureau of ZTE, which provides high bandwidth services to more end-users, while operators do not need to increase the backbone cable, ensure the maximum use of the original optical cable resources, and reduce the cable construction.

Support EPON and 10G EPON unified network management to ensure smooth upgrade of network management.

By upgrading the software version of the network management software, the management and service of 10G EPON equipment can be realized, and the maintainers and systems are brought to the greatest convenience and continuity.

Figure 2  Sinovo Telecom  XG PON1 solution

The main features of XG PON1 solutions in  Sinovo Telecom  are the smooth upgrading of technologies and coexistence of different technologies in the same network as 10G EPON solutions. The concrete implementation methods are as follows:

The design of the same platform for XG PON1 OLT and GPON OLT

The original GPON OLT does not need to change the frame, backplane, main control panel and upper board. It only needs to insert XG PON1's line card to provide XG PON1 support. From Figure 2, we can see that there is an external WDM1 passive device between the OLT and the splitter. In the downward direction, WDM1 realizes the working wavelength of GPON, the wavelength of XG PON1 and the multiplexing of CATV wavelength; in the upward direction, WDM1 realizes the working wavelength of GPON and the wavelength of XG PON1, thus realizing the same light for the same OLT. Support for coexistence of GPON and XG PON1 in fiber and ODN networks.

GPON and XG PON1 ONU coexist in the same PON port and ODN network.

As shown in Figure 2, the filter and WBF (Wavelength Blocking Filter) are built-in, the filter realizes the filtering function of the direction of the optical fiber in the downlink. WBF realizes the filtering of the GPON and XG PON and CATV wavelengths of the downlink in the same fiber, ensuring that ONU correctly receives the normal working wavelength signal, thus realizing GPON and X. The coexistence of G PON1 ONU in the same PON port and ODN network.

The solution of  Sinovo Telecom  XG PON1 can also achieve smooth upgrade in three aspects of equipment, network and management.

Sinovo Telecom  actively promote the development of the next generation of PON Technology

As a pioneer and leader in the FTTx field, Sinovo Telecom began to develop and practice in the next generation of PON in 2006, and actively participated in the standard formulation of BBF, FSAN, ITU-T, IEEE, IETF and other international standards for next generation PON, and submitted more than 100 proposals and contributions. In October 2008, Sinovo Telecom  issued the world's first asymmetric 10G EPON prototype, and the next year the industry was the first to push the symmetrical 10G EPON prototype; in 2009, the physical layer of the laboratory XG-PON1 was successfully implemented. In April 2010, three chip manufacturers such as the United Broadcom successfully carried out the 10G EPON equipment interoperability display in Shanghai.