SINOVO Telecom Attend in Interop Telecom USA 2016

DateTime:2016/5/5 0:00:00

            INTEROP is a global giant exhibition UBM United the world's largest network communications technology exhibition Business Media (UBM) & sponsored seminar aims to enrich the content of the meeting, leading technology showcase to help different sectors of IT, networking professionals make more informed business decisions. And the theme of the exhibition
Seminars involving large data center, cloud storage, high-speed internet access, information security, enterprise mobility, virtualization, BYOD, open source, social media, BI
Etc. for the participants (enterprises, research institutions, governments, educational institutions, industry alliances, trade unions, professional audience, etc.) provides a unique learning, research, discovery, delivery
Technology and ideas flow is of great significance to business change, and how to apply them the opportunity to practice.
         INTEROP as the world's largest professional network technology event, has become the United States, the world's largest and most professional information industry market benchmark, mainly focused on the data center, cloud storage services, high-speed network data exchange, wireless and mobile, virtual information services, data unified communications, information security and risk management, IT management and business applications and other high-speed network of professional and technical fields.
        INTEROP have been held for 28 years, have attracted a large number of enterprise-level buyers annually server buyers, the business community, government, education, industry, channel buyers, media, industry analysts and industry partners, has been a supplier of network technology, IT industry leaders, business leaders, and promote the development of high-quality network technology platform. INTEROP series in the world with five stations (Las Vegas, London, Tokyo), Las Vegas station is one of the most important stop, which brings together the industry's widest range of exhibitors and professional seminars and technology demonstrations, in which 90% of the international professional buyers think they harvest the largest network communication technology exhibition.