DateTime:2016/10/14 0:00:00

The 100G Optical module include compact 100Gbps Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) CFP and QSFP28 optical transceiver module for high-speed Ethernet 
and Telecommunication networking applications. The module supports data rates from 103.1Gb/s to 111.8Gb/s, 
which allows the module to support a wide variety of networking applications including 100GBASE-ER4 and OTU-4. 
It is offered in a cost-effective CFP or QSFP28 form factor with a standard MSA compliant interface. By applying the latest IC technology, 
this 100Gbps module not only provides for low power consumption but also offering the latest features and protocols. 
Support transceiver and dual receiver
Support multi-rate from 103.1Gb/s to 111.8Gb/s 
Hot-swappable input/output
Up to 40km transmission on SMF 
1300nm LAN-WDM EML-based transmitter with optical MUX for CFP.
1300nm LAN-WDM DFB-based transmitter with optical MUX for QSFP28.
Low-noise PIN receiver with optical DeMUX 
Low-noise SOA with typical 17dB gain for 40Km CFP.
High speed I/O electrical interface (CAUI or CAUI-4)
CFP support MDIO interface with integrated digital monitoring 
QSFP28 support I2C interface with integrated digital monitoring
Single +3.3V power supply 
Low power consumption 
Operating case temperature: -5 ~ +70°C
PRBS generation and error detection 
High-speed data communications 
Inter rack connections 
Optical component test systems