25G and 50G Optical Modules in Explosive Growth

DateTime:2017/10/15 0:00:00

With the gradual increase in standard equipment supporting the 25GE and 50GE protocols, the global market for Ethernet switches is attracting new sales boom. Recently, Infonetics Research, the market research firm, released the latest quarterly data center network equipment report for the third quarter of 2014. The report said the third quarter, the global data center Ethernet switch market has a good performance, the quarter rose 5%, the market value of $ 2.2 billion.      

25GE and 50GE optical modules will usher in explosive growth According to the data, from the US public sector and cloud service providers for data center Ethernet switches, application delivery controller (ADC) and WAN optimization equipment deployment needs, have become a direct stimulus to 25GE and 50GE equipment growth point.

Clon Grossner, an analyst at Infonetics Research, said the data center switch market is expected to turn to 25GE and 50GE to meet the needs of large cloud service providers to build new data center network architectures, including 10GE switching and server connections to 100GE switching and 25GE server connectivity The So Cliff Grossner believes that in order to enhance the overall data port hybrid port speed, 2015 next-generation Ethernet switch chip will increase the 25GE and 50GE standard support. In addition, the report also pointed out that although the global application delivery controller in the third quarter fell 2%, but the ADC market in the past six quarters of performance, year on year growth. Sales of virtual ADC devices increased 20% from the second quarter of 2014.

Sales of virtual ADC devices increased 20% from the second quarter of 2014

 At the same time, in the third quarter, global WAN optimization equipment sales also received a quarterly growth of 9% quarterly performance. What is the 25GE and 50GE standards? 25GE and 50GE standards, namely 25Gbps and 50Gbps Ethernet standard. As an important convergence of the 1 / 10G Ethernet connectivity standard, 25Gbps and 50Gbps per-channel technology will be the basis for future 100Gbps (4 * 25Gbps) and 400Gbps (8 * 50Gbps) Ethernet standards. The industry generally hopes to use this transmission rate to replace the existing 10Gbps rate.

Ethernet module port evolution table However, in March 2014 the IEEE plenary, the development of the relevant standards of the issue did not get enough support, which also led to a number of companies start a separate stove, began to develop their own standards. Among them, Artista, Broadcom, Google, Mellanox and Microsoft five set up a 25G Ethernet alliance to jointly develop 25Gbps and 50Gbps Ethernet standard, then Brocade and Dell also joined the alliance camp. In response to the standards developed by the IEEE, the 25G Ethernet Alliance announced that their initial single-channel 25Gbps Ethernet and dual 50Gbps Ethernet standards would not charge any royalties. The 25GE and 50GE standards will address the connection of the server network interface controller to the ToR switch at the top of the rack, including physical and MAC layers, such as virtual channel tuning, auto-negotiation, FEC, and so on.
 In summary, with the server performance to further enhance the data center from the leaf to the Spine layer of the connection gradually migrate to 100Gbps, and 25GE technology to help reduce the data center required for the number of roof switches. Therefore, in order to enhance the data center network performance, from the existing 10Gbps upgrade to 25Gbps / 50Gbps, it becomes quite practical significance.   
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