100Gb/s CFP4 optical module sinovo telecom

DateTime:2018/3/25 0:00:00


∙ Supports 100G Ethernet and OTU4 applications up to 10 km SMF link
∙ 4x25G LAN-WDM transmitter/ 4x27G LAN-WDM transmitter
∙ LAN-WDM cooled EML LD for Optical light source and PIN-PD built-in CDR
∙ 56pin CFP4 MSA compliant connector
∙ 4x25G electrical interface with IEEE 802.3ba
∙ CFP4 MSA MDIO IEEE802.3 compliant manage interface
∙ Hot pluggable CFP4 form factor
∙ Single 3.3V power supply
∙ Commercial case temperature[°C]: 0 to 70
∙ RoHS compliant


∙ 100GE Enterprise switches & routers
∙ Data Centers
∙ Other high-speed data connections