300Gb/s CxP Optical Transceiver

DateTime:2018/3/25 0:00:00


∙ 300G CXP transceiver module with 25G 12-channel Tx, and 12-chanel Rx
∙ Hot pluggable CXP form factor 
∙ Maximum link length of 100m on OM4 multimode fiber (MMF)
∙ Multirate capability: 10G ~ 14G, 25.78Gb/s per channel
∙ Retimed electrical output : 25.78G
∙ Requires 3.3V power supply only
∙ Low power dissipation: < 5.5W
∙ Reliable VCSEL array technology
∙ Built-in digital diagnostic functions
∙ Commercial case temperature[°C]: 0 to 70
∙ 2x12 channel single MPO connector receptacle


∙ Datacom/Telecom switches, core routers and data centers
∙ Data aggregation, backplane and proprietary protocol and density applications
∙ 12x25G proprietary interconnects